Dear Reader,

I want this website to not only be a place where I can be comfortable, but where you can be too. I want to tell you my stories so that, maybe, you will be encouraged to tell yours, and so we both can figure out how to navigate this thing called life.

Every day, each of us tries to be happy, and some days we are. But, often enough, there are those mornings where you don’t want to get out of bed, those hours when you don’t want to talk to anyone, and those moments when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin, in your own mind. Or maybe that’s just me.

Even so, I want to talk about the times when I experience those feelings of being uncomfortable, awkward, scared, sad, and occasionally happy, when I have those rude awakenings, and when everything seems to come together and fall apart the next day.

Being human is hard, but feeling alone is even worse. You’re not alone, because I know you’ve experienced the same emotions I have while trying to figure out who you are and where in the world you belong. It’s what we are all struggling to do, day after day.

I hope this website brings some clarity and/or peace of mind to you…no matter what you’re going through. I’m hoping it will do the same for me.

It’s a long life reader, and we should try to be as happy as we can even though the universe might not want us to all the time.

Lots of Love,

Annabelle Blue


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