10 Winter Fashion Trends to Try This Season

With the holidays coming up and winter on the way, I’ve never been more excited to break out the boots, coats, scarves, and hats. I love winter because it means I get to layer on all of my favorite sweaters and cozy socks. Plus, I like getting to see which trends will find their way into my sister’s and society’s closets. Most of them, I laugh at; but this year, there are some pieces that are both timeless and worth including in your winter wardrobe. 

1. Teddy Coat

Sherpa fleece is making a come back with the teddy coat. It’s like being hugged by a teddy bear without the childish stigma. The coat brings all the comfort of a blanket and comes in a variety of lengths, styles, and colors. This is one trend I would consider wearing if only because I know it would be the coziest coat in my closet.


2. The Long Winter Coat

The classic long winter coat allows you to enter the office, to walk the streets of New York City, and to attend holiday parties while remaining warm and stylish. I wish I had one of these in my closet because I know that I’d be using it every winter.


3. Black Combat Boots

Combat boots are fashionable in every season, but this year, black is the reigning color that’s hitting the streets. What I love about the combat boot is that you can find them in almost every shoe or thrift store and for a good price. And, black goes with everything.


4. Western Shoes and Accessories

Embrace your inner cowgirl with adding a western element to your street style. Western boots make a statement, while hats keep your hair dry and give you an accessory that compliments any look. They’re also a perfect complement to winter flannels and dark jeans.


5. Tailored Suits

For the modern businesswoman and girl boss, a tailored suit is a must. This year, they’re gracing the streets of every city for function and fashion as you come and go from the office. Nothing would make me feel more confident or in control of my future (despite how crazy life and the holidays get) than a two- or three-piece suit to take on the world.


6. Knit Hats

I love beanies and knit hats! They’re a perfect Christmas gift and can be combined with any winter outfit. I used to even wear mine inside. With all different kinds of patterns and colors, I know I’d be able to find the perfect one for anyone on my Christmas gifting list. Plus, they’re essential to keeping your head warm whether you’re playing in the snow or snuggling up with hot chocolate.


7. Colored Puffer Jackets

Whoever said bold color is in this season is clearly capitalizing on its contrast to white winter landscapes. You definitely won’t be missed by wearing a colored puffer jacket; and, you most certainly won’t be cold. 


8. Patterned Knits

Much like adding a pop of color with your outerwear, going bold with your knitwear will make you the topic of conversation at holiday parties and running errands. They’re not ugly Christmas sweaters, but fashionable sweaters that keep you warm and confident as you brave the winter weather.


9. Tiny Handbags

Miniature is in and designers are embracing the micro/mini purse. Instead of stuffing makeup, tissues, wallets, and god-knows-what-else in a bag, just keep it light and fashionable. However, I’d say some of these are maybe a bit too tiny to be truly functional.


10. Over-sized Bomber Jackets

This might be more of a coat for fashion than function, unless you get creative with layering some additional warm sweaters and jackets underneath. Nevertheless, to compliment an edgy style or look, the bomber jacket is a must. Add patches to the sleeves to make it more you. However, you might still look like you belong to a fighter pilot squad or 90s rap group.


I love these trends. Some I would gladly add to my closet; others, I would have to go and try before I buy. But that’s what great about fashion…there’s a trend for everyone to adopt this winter season.

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