Welcoming Lilly the Kitty

It’s been a week…One Week…for a little ball of fur and lime eyes to wrap her petite paws around my heart. Each time she looks at me with her dilated pupils and rubs up against my legs, I have to fight the urge to take her into my arms and shove my face into her soft, purring belly. She’s so playful, I’m lucky if I even get her to sit still long enough to brush her short striped coat every three days or so. In just as week, this little kitty has become such an integral part of my life, and has adjusted so well, that I can’t remember not feeling so full and needed and loved.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.” ― Charles Dickens

IMG_1423.JPG Her name is Lilly, and she’s the kitty I’ve always dreamed of, always longed for, and always desired for the longest time. And, she’s the kitty I finally get to call mine and love.

Being an avid soccer player, basketball player, student, and mediocre violinist in a family with another soccer player, basketball player, student, Girl Scout, and violinist and two working parents; there was never time or consideration for pets. Between soccer practices, basketball practices, tournaments, games, meetings, homework, school, work, and social functions, we barely had time to eat dinner as a family, much less even think about a having a pet. So no matter how much I tried to push for a cat when I was younger, it just never happened. I actually came close a couple times, but nothing ever panned out.

IMG_1424.JPG Coming home from university this semester, I hadn’t fully thought through getting a kitty. The idea only just occurred to me a couple weeks before I would move back home, after I spent some time with my friend and her furry companion. At that time, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and knew that animals were said to help alleviate some of it. I also knew that my chances of finding a free kitty, or a cheap one, were good because it was spring and that’s usually when the strays and their litters are being found and advertised for good homes.

Petitioning for a kitty this time around, it was still difficult to get my family on board; especially because I don’t think they thought I was serious at first. It wasn’t until I was talking to my aunt about possible avenues to candidates for a furry companion, looking into the Humane Society, and scoping the weekly circular for advertisements that they began to really consider the possibility.


“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” ― Colette

My aunt actually found Lilly. Friends of her had her, but there were moving and could no longer keep her. While they were going through the process of moving, my aunt and her roommate, who already have numerous felines, kept her; I guess one more kitty wasn’t going to make a difference. But, my aunt didn’t really want yet another cat to take care of, so she began the process of handing her off to me.

In hindsight, I should’ve discussed the decision to get a kitty more with my parents and sister; but when my aunt texted me pictures of Lilly, I got excited and ran with it. I pushed for Lilly: I met her with my family; I drove to my aunt’s house every week to visit her – even if it was just for an hour; and I was already preparing my bank account for the expenses that I could afford because I was already back to work. The timing of Lilly coming into my life felt too good to waste – like it was Christmas morning, which only comes once a year, or finding out about a surprise trip to Disney World, which may only come once in a lifetime – so I made plans while everyone else struggled to accept that I wasn’t going to let this go easily.

From the beginning, everyone was skeptical. They thought we wouldn’t have enough money, time, or attention to put toward her. However, I never doubted how much love and time I could give her, even if they didn’t want to. I was prepared to go it alone. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

IMG_1422.JPG We were going to bring her home in July because of financial expenses coming up, my sister’s hectic sports schedule, and my adjustment back to home and work from school; but, when my aunt sent me text saying Lilly was so lovely and just wanted to be with people and to love them, I told her I would pick her up later that week. That was less than two weeks ago from today. I brought her home Thursday, June 1st. And, since she was a stray originally, and we don’t know her exact birth date, we decided that would be her birthday; the day she became part of our family.

Just as my aunt said: Lilly has been lovely. She’s been pawing around her new home with avid curiosity and capturing the hearts of the entire family. Whether she’s lounging on the couches in the office, or playing with a piece of shoestring, she’s the cutest thing. Having already wrapped her paws around my heart, she’s also taken over my dad’s. He loves her more than he loves the rest of us. When he comes home from work, the first thing he does is look into the office to see where she is and say hello. I don’t mind; his support and enthusiasm has rubbed off on my mom too, who continues to warm to her every single day. Even my sister is coming around.

Lilly is already such a part of the family that we are already planning things we can get her, talking about incorporating her into our family Christmas card, and having her move from the office to wandering the rest of the house by herself. Progress has been fast but smooth, and I couldn’t feel more proud of Lilly and her transitioning.

With this post, I’m not saying not to take the time in considering a major life decision. Nor am I saying to disregard consulting your parents and to just go out and get a kitty or a puppy or make major life decision that will also affect them without their explicit permission (obviously, that’s seems like welcoming potential disaster). I am only saying that if you want something and are willing to fight for it; it will come. Lucky for me, a series of quick decisions worked out for the better. Not only has Lilly brought more love and light to my life, but she’s brought more love and light to our family as well.


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